What Is a Table Leaf?

Discover The Functionality Of  Table Extensions

Table-LeafTable leafs or table extensions are an add on or additional piece to a table that can be put into place to create a larger surface area. The terms table leaf and table extension are synonymous. These extensions are made from the same material as the table.

Table extensions allow for the table to be small in order to optimize the available space and transform into a larger very easily. Typically, the way these tables work is, some combination of a locking male female system, much like how a garden hose can be added to another garden hose to increase the total length, each leaf would have a male side and a female side, ‘click‘ the sides together and you have one solid structure.

Usually in addition to the male and female pieces locking into each other there will be an additional reinforcement. Most of the time the addition of a table leaf or table extension will take the table from a square, seating 4, to a rectangle allowing for 6 people to be seated comfortably. In this instance when the table leaf is removed the square table will allow for one person to be seated along each side of the the table.

When the extension is added this would open up space for at least one more person to be seated at the longer edges of the rectangle shape of the table. This is not the only configuration in which table leafs can be utilized. There are some tables that have multiple leafs allowing the user to configure the table for any number of guests. The ability to add one, two, three or more leafs can greatly increase the ways a table can be used. This feature is very attractive to restaurants, allowing them to customize their tables to fit parties of varying sizes more conveniently while still saving space.

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