What is Sea Salt Good For?

Sea Salt and What it Can Do For You

sea saltSea salt is an amazing ingredient to many things in life.  We don’t think about it that way but our bodies couldn’t run without it and it can be used for a huge variety of things.  You may or may not be aware that the way that sea salt is collected is by bringing in large amounts of water of clay flat beds or other flat surfaces where the water can evaporate and leave behind the salt to be collected.  Other salt sources that are inland where in fact fed by the ocean long ago and deposits have been sine left behind for us to harvest.

Your average salt is 98% sodium chloride, aka salt, and about 2% minerals.  These minerals are just as valuable to us as the salt itself but are often removed or overlooked.  Table salt has no minerals and is about 99.9% pure white salt, but this is not the substance that humans are closely related to.  In fact they are quite different.  There are some other salt compositions too.  Dead sea salt is about 8% salt and the remaining body of it is minerals.  Himalayan crystal salt has been locked away for centuries only to be revealed to us now in a very pure and untouched form.

So what to do with all this salt?  While the Himalayan crystal salt is perfect for baths with all the minerals and purity of substance.  Dead Sea salt can best be used as a sea salt scrub to feed and nourish the body. The other salts are a little more general but again can be used at almost anytime and substituted for regular salt when needed.  Salt can help regulate the thyroid when taken in sea salt baths.  It can reduce swelling in the form of a compress.

Where else will you find this amazing ingredient around?  Well many of your cosmetics will have sea salt or minerals in them, particularly the high-end cosmetics, which is where all the minerals get sold.  The other places you will find sea salt are in the aquatic aquarium industry, in water filtration and in vitamin manufacturing.  The most obvious of all the places to look for salt is in the culinary world, as sea salt can be quite the key ingredient in some more dynamic dishes.

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