What is the Best Way to Watch Live Cricket Online

Watch Live Cricket Online

watch cricket onlineOver recent years there has been a massive increase in watching sports live online, this trend has largely been due to technological advancements allowing high quality video to be streamed flawlessly over the Internet. The unfortunate side of this advancement has been the ease in which no official live streams have been able to hijack legitimate channels, obviously this draws up some serious issues in terms of  the legality of such sites with some high profile sites providing illegal streaming content getting closed down and facing federal charges for copyright infringement.

Due to the high profile nature of the demise of these illegal sites many people have now had their interests diverted in to looking for legitimate sources in order to be able to watch live sports online.

One sport which benefits greatly from worldwide coverage on the Internet is the sport of cricket, although the popularity of cricket has grown over the last 10 or so years with the creation of new game types such as the Twenty Twenty format the overall market share of people who watch cricket worldwide is still dwarfed by viewers of Football where 3.2 billion viewers watch Football compared to Cricket which has approximately 2.2 billion viewers per year. Even still cricket is the second most popular sport watched worldwide meaning that the demand to watch live cricket online is huge.

I have been a fan of cricket for as long as I can remember from when I was a child and I would go and play for my local team I have been a fan, during this time there has been one place where I have regularly kept upto date with all the happenings in Cricket from around the world this place is the cricinfo website now owned by ESPN, this website has been around for nearly 20 years and was created and maintained by cricket fans initially before becoming the number one place on the Internet for cricket news updates.

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