What Size is a Folding Card Table?

Folding Card Tables

Folding Card TableThe size of a folding card table does vary, but they are generally smaller than your average dining room table. This is because they are designed for easy storage and to play card & board games on. This article explores the types of folding card tables, their sizes and where to look if you want to purchase one.

The standard size of a folding card table is generally about 36 inches across, but they can go as large as 96 inches plus. It’s good to assess your needs for the table, how big do you want it to be? How much space do you have in your home? I personally think the bigger the better, if you have the space for it. More seating room is always going to be more advantageous if any surprise guests show up.

As with most products, there are many different types of folding card tables. You can often get sets, and some will come with folding card table chairs. They can be made with wood, aluminum, plastic or even a mixture of all three. The aluminum and plastic options are obviously lighter and more portable, but they are not as sturdy as their wooden counterparts. Wood is also a great selection if you plan on using the table outdoors at all.

If you are after something for your outdoors area, you might want to think about something a little different, such as picnic table. There are loads of great portable picnic tables for sale that should fit your needs easily.

In terms of purchasing, shopping online is best if you know what you are after. There are lots of great deals to be found due to the minimal overhead expenses they have compared to the retail stores. Read the product reviews if possible, and do some price comparisons. If you want a visual look and to test the sturdiness of the table, then visit your local home depot or board and card gaming store.
A folding card table is a useful addition to any household, especially those that love a good night of family gaming. It is the perfect product for those who live in a smaller space, as they can be folded and stored away with ease.

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