What to Use Over Your Regular Mattress

Make It Last Long

mattress padPeople who have young children often use a waterproof mattress pad to protect the material used in creating the mattress underneath. The basic design of this item uses a top layer of fabric, which can come in a comfortable quilted design. The backside of the piece will have waterproof layer so any accidents that occur will not get through to the mattress. The materials used to create both the front and back are usually a polyester fabric with a pvc backing. Even though it has the protective lining this product is still safe to wash in a machine.

These protective pads are available in standard single bed sizes as well as in larger double, queen and king styles. They are a great addition to any bed where the occupants like to eat or drink while in bed. This is a common practice among adults who have TV sets in their bedrooms. It is also frequently used with mature adults who have bladder control problems as well as with people recovering from certain surgical procedures.

When looking for products to fit larger sized beds it is important to get items that will work with the type of sheets and bedding you use. The queen memory foam mattress pad is designed with a thickness that can add anywhere from one to four inches to your mattress so you might need to go up a size in sheets to get them to fit properly. The memory foam is designed with a flat surface as opposed to the egg crate style, which has small bumps along the surface. This type of pad is not generally made as one that encases the entire mattress so an alternative option is to place it over the sheets when you want to use it. The foam can be spot cleaned, while the fabric portion is usually made as a dry clean only product.

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