What You Need to Know About Affordable Tourbillon Watches

Torbillion Watches

toubillion watchSince it was invented by French watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet in 1795, tourbillon watches remain the symbols of fine watch craftsmanship. Every piece of tourbillon watch is a piece of artwork.

For a long time tourbillon watches can only be afforded by the privileged richest. A genuine piece of tourbillon watch used to cost above US$50,000 and above. Some nicer models can have the price tag higher than a small house. The average watch fanatics can only admire their owners tourbillon watch collections. Owning a tourbillon watch never crossed their mind.

Thanks for the globalization, tourbillon watches are now more affordable than ever. Most of the tourbillon watch movements are made in China. These movements are exported to the Europe watchmakers, assembled locally and sold as European made in the market. This is not unusual in other industries such as cell phones, computers and home appliances etc. In the watch industry it is still a ‘secret’ to most of us. By using Chinese tourbillon movements, the watchmakers are able to cut their manufacturing cost by a considerable amount. The savings are then passed on to paying for better designs, or making the price lower.

However the tourbillon watches are still quite expensive, if they are made by European watchmakers. A nice Swiss made tourbillon still costs similar to your neighbor’s new BMW sports car. The good news is that the Chinese tourbillon movement makers have started producing tourbillon watches with their own brands.

Sea-Gull tourbillon watches made by the Tianjin Watch Factory, which produces 25% of the timepieces in the entire planet every year, are of the high quality affordable tourbillon watches. Their 18K rose gold cased double tourbillon watch ST8080G is selling for around US$20-25K, depending on the specifications and the dealerships. This watch has a cheaper version – ST8080. It can be purchased for less than half the money of ST8080G.

When you are trying to buy tourbillon watches, whether you are going to buy them online or from a local shop there are a few things you need to be aware of: Reputable tourbillon watch dealers generally offer very good warranty. Steer clear of the ones that have short or no warranties at all. Do thorough researches before you commit to buy any particular watch. Ask the seller for more details of whatever you are going to buy. Same model of tourbillon watch may have different specification, and their price changes a lot in relation to that.

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