Why Tooth Pain Occurs

Do You Have Tooth Ache?

tooth painA tooth pain can be a serious obstacle to the normal life of a person. The severity of a toothache varies, of course, and depends on the reasons behind the pain. To the surprise of many, it is also known that a tooth pain can occur as a result of causes completely unrelated to dentistry. Such symptoms as a heart attack, nerve dysfunction, angina, pain in the ear areas can call contribute to the increased sensitivity in oral cavity and be falsely identified as a tooth pain.

Types and Causes of  Tooth Pain

There are many reasons why a toothache can occur. For example, if the gum recesses the tooth root becomes exposed and this can lead to an increased sensitivity, or in other words – pain. Other reasons could be unscrupulous quality of dental works and fracture of parts of your teeth. The most common cause of a tooth pain, though, remains the formation of a tooth abscess – that is when the dental pulp is dying and since there is no way to escape the pulp decays into a pus pocket underneath the tooth.

If we were to characterize the teeth into groups and categories, then it would be very accurate to say that a tooth pain can be said to be either mild, moderate or severe. Mild pain does not obstruct your ability to chew food too much and usually occurs when the root of the tooth becomes too exposed. You can think of this category as an increased sensitivity to cold or hot substances. Moderate pain can occur because of the beginning of pus pocket formation. Over-the-counter medicine can temporary reduce the suffering, but professional help is very advised in this stage. Severe pain occurs if either the previous stage – the moderate toothache – has been ignored, or the tooth has been greatly damaged.

Various ways for a temporary tooth pain relief, of course, exist. For example, there are many plants and solutions that are used as an unconventional way to kill pain. Desensitizing mouthwash and toothpastes are good in cases of mild pain. Still, if the pain has reached the moderate stage, a denture might become a necessity and nowadays the cost of dentures can really hit one’s budget. It is best not to let the situation deteriorate to this extent.

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