Why Buy a Boxwave Stylus to Draw on the iPad

Boxwave Stylus

stylusWhen we were small children there was nothing better than to stick our hands into some paint and make an artistic statement. Our moms were delighted with our pictures and they were often attached to the fridge for a week or two. Now that we are all grown up and have the Apple iPad at our disposal instead of some safe water based paints, we might also like to use a pen like implement to do our drawing and painting. The fingers are not as controllable as the BoxWave Capacitive iPad Stylus or other brand of stylus for the iPad.

There are a few drawing and painting applications for the iPad and my favourite would be the ArtStudio App. There are a lot of tools that simulate various media such as pen, pencil, brush, airbrush and so on and having to control them with a finger or two is not going to really be the best method to create the sort of art work that we now, would like to. The finger is not pointy enough to produce the detail that we want in the drawing even when we zoom in as tight as we can.

Ladies that have finger nails that are long and beautiful, will be better off with the stylus to use on the amazing iPad. Another situation you would benefit from a boxwave stylus would be on a very cold day and you really don’t want to take off the gloves to do your drawing or note writing.

There is a short length of string on the BoxWave Capacitive iPad Stylus and a way to connect it to the iPad. Just make sure that is is not dangling on the iPad during travel or you could end up with a very scratched looking screen. Best if you can find an iPad case that has a pouch or slot that is made to hold a stylus in place.

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