Why Buying a Canvas Rucksack Backpack is a Modern Decision

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canvas rucksackChoosing a canvas rucksack backpack, instead of all other so-called modern products out there, is not a sign of eccentricity, but of wise decision-making. These kinds of backpacks are usually small, lightweight and sturdy. They make for perfect companion on a daytrip, even if that involves hiking, trekking or even more complex activities like rock-climbing. Although excellent for short trips, they are definitely not suitable for long journeys.

Despite the classical look, this backpack is incredibly well adjusted for modern times. Some of them are even designed to fit a laptop and they do a mighty job in protecting it, due to the soft canvas material that keeps the device away from scratches and shocks. A wise man would deliberately choose a hemp rucksack instead of a cotton one for the increased durability. These backpacks can also be wax coated and therefore impermeable. That little aspect is hugely important as rain is always a possibility and whether you store socks or laptops in it, you most certainly want them dry.

This kind of backpack will be your trusty friend in any rough activity you might practice. One of the secrets to its durability is the total lack of zippers, which we all now break first in every backpack, and the use of closing clips. That gives you a lot of room for over-stuffing the rucksack with things if the situation asks for it. Because zippers are not used you have to pay more attention if you don`t want your things to fall out unexpectedly from the rucksack.

Although they are mostly manufactured din military shades like, kaki or olive some designers broke the pattern and came up with really interesting modern designs and added leather strips for increased durability.

The secret ingredient of a canvas rucksack backpack is the price. These backpacks can be found at prices starting from $10 but buying the cheapest one is usually not recommended because as with any other backpack, quality products cost a little more.

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