Why Consider a Cotton Yoga Mat?

Traditional Cotton Yoga Mats

cotton yoga matsCotton yoga mats were very recently considered outdated and a thing of the past.  Hippies used them in the 60’s and they are still used in India to this day.  When plastic mats hit the market they could be produced faster and cheaper then ever before and at a time when yoga was moving into mainstream society.  At this time cotton became a thing of the past but the truth is that cotton is not dead.

Cotton yoga mats are still alive and well and gaining their popularity back at record speed.  Let me tell you why, as cotton has many qualities that people are looking for in a yoga mat but don’t even realize that it can be found in good old cotton.

Cotton is a great material cause it is easily produced as well as easily dealt with when it is used up and becomes waste.  It decomposes naturally and causes no trouble from the environmental perspective of its breakdown.  If you are interested in choosing something that is eco friendly you can select organic cotton, which is produced without all the pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers that regular cotton is produced with, cotton is for you.

In regards to your yoga practice again it is a great option.  It is absorbent as well as breathable making it one of the best Bikram yoga mats on the market.  It is also really durable, will wear well and can be conveniently washed in the washing machine and hung out to dry in the sun.

The other thing about cotton is that it is aesthetically pleasing as well.  It comes in almost every color you can imagine, any pattern you can think of and varying sizes too making it very versatile for all kinds of yogis out there.  It is almost always found in a manageable and inexpensive price range and will please even the most discerning of yoga practitioners.  So if you have been cotton shy since beginning your yoga practice this is your invitation to try something totally new and different and yet old and the same!

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