Why Depression Should Be Treated

Dealing With Depression

DepressionDepression is a mental condition that, when left untreated, can paralyze a person from living a normal life. It is defined as persistent feelings of sadness that has affected a persons positive view of life. It can occur because of several reasons and it can be treated through various ways too. Whatever the cause of depression, one thing is for sure, it interferes with the persons work, school, and close relationships. And this basically explains why depression hurts. People who have depression dont have good coping mechanism skills and this is not something that should just be ignored. Intervention must be done before the depression gets worse.

Many people think that depression is hereditary, it may be but it is not the sole reason why person can get this mental disorder. In fact, only the manic-depressive disorder is believed to have a genetic basis while the forms of depression are learned. As mentioned, there are many causes of depression. A person can get depressed because of this reason: a painful memory such as break-up with a lover, death of a loved one, or a tragedy in the family.

Also, being exposed in a stressful environment where pressure can eat up the person can trigger depression in him. It is said that women are more prone to experience depression than men because they are more emotional. This may be true but the fact that depression can cause a person to feel hopeless in life is alarming because the person can have suicidal inclinations and this should be prevented. That is why intervention must be done at the first signs of depression.

There are many forms of intervention for depression, a person can take anti- depression medications or can undergo anti-depression therapies, and a combination of both can also be done. The point is, depression should be treated before it gets worse.

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