Why Do Children Get Chicken Pox?

Chicken Pox – Things You Need to Know!

chicken pox babyChicken pox are famous for the red bumps that show up on your skin when you get the disease. It’s a viral infection that is very contagious, so if you are around someone who has it, and you haven’t gotten it before, then you are likely to come down with it yourself. Because it’s so contagious, and that you can only get it once in your life, kids are usually the ones that end up getting it.

The steps on how to treat chicken pox are basically that you need to make the person as comfortable as you can. It’s a viral infection, so there isn’t any medicine that’s going to help you get better, but the disease itself makes you extremely itchy, and so you’re going to want something to tone down that uncomfortable feeling. An over the counter pain killer should work very well for you, combined with some calamine lotion for the particularly itchy areas, and maybe an oatmeal bath or two that will help settle that uncomfortable feeling down a bit. The disease lasts for about a week or so, culminating in the pox themselves scabbing up and the itching going away.

Now, how long are chicken pox contagious? They actually get contagious a few days before the itching starts, and stay contagious until they scab up. During this time if you are in physical contact with anyone who hasn’t gotten the disease before, there’s a good chance that they will get the disease as well.

The good news is, you can only get it once. The antibodies your body makes to fight off the disease will continue to fight it off for the rest of your life. Children get the disease most often because 99% of adults in America have already gone through it, and so statistically it’s a children’s disease. Thankfully, the worst long term side effect is a few scars, but even those are relatively rare.

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