Why I Now Have Better Car Insurance Coverage

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car insuranceBuying a car insurance policy that you feel good about as a driver is not the easiest thing in the world to do. Last year when I got into an accident and had to pay some money out of my own pocket, I learned a hard lesson: It is better to be overprotected than under-protected. I had purchased an insurance policy through a local company in Spokane, Washington and was getting a pretty good deal on my coverage.

Although I was getting a good deal on my coverage, I didn’t really investigate the company much and just thought that they were reliable. Well, my perspective changed entirely when I got into a minor crash on my way home from work. The driver that I hit had their vehicle significantly damaged and they ended up with a broken arm. I had to pay for their medical expenses as well as for much of the damage that was inflicted upon their vehicle.

I wouldn’t have had to pay for any of this out of pocket if I had purchased a comprehensive car insurance policy through a reliable company like Geico. Anyways, the total bill that I had to pay as a result of the accident was around $5000 and I was lucky; I have read about cases where people are required to pay way more than that if they don’t have full insurance coverage.

So what should you learn from my experience? You should keep in mind that you may want to have more insurance than just the minimal amount. Although it may seem like the best car insurance deals are the cheapest ones, you also have to keep in mind the total coverage that you are receiving for the price. If you are paying a low amount, but you barely get any coverage, the policy probably isn’t very good. So I would encourage everyone to take another look at their current policy and look at what it covers and ask yourself if you really feel safe with it.

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