Why Purchase A Hampton Bay Fan?

Functionality Plus Affordability

Hampton-Bay-FanIf you need to do a lot of work in your home, I strongly urge you to take a look at Hampton Bays fans.  You can keep your installation costs way down by buying smart and doing the installation work yourself.  If you don’t know how to do the work today, you can learn it pretty easily.  I really like how these fans can upgrade a room, so I can recommend them without reservation.  Here is how to get started:

1.  Start out with a small flush mounted fan —  You will want to start small with your installations so you have a positive experience.  If you have never worked up on a ladder or up on a ceiling, you want to start with a small motor with a manageable weight.  The smaller flush mounted units are the easiest to move around, so make sure you start with this type of fan.

2.  Make sure you get a strong fiberglass step ladder as your base of operations —  You are going to be up in the air and working with 120 volt electricity, so a good fiberglass step ladder is a must.  You will learn how to do the installation much faster if you are working off of a very sturdy base.  If you can afford to buy a ladder, rent one for a few days.

3.  Get a friend of yours to learn with you and take turns on jobs —  You do not want to take on this type of job alone.  You will benefit greatly from having a helper.  Talk a friend of yours into helping you, and make sure he learns how to do the installation as well.  The two of you can work as a team, and this will get a lot of fans hung in a short period of time.

I trust you are starting to get the feeling that you can indeed learn how to install a Hampton Bay fan.  Once you do a few installations, you will be able to move to the more difficult down rod and remote control installations as well.  Good luck in your ceiling fan installations!

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