Why You Should Use Electric Garage Heaters

Electric Garage Heaters

electric garage heaterGarage heating is an often neglected area in the house, and for good reason. Most people just use the garage as storage place for the car and sometimes a few tools. On the other hand, many out there use garages as a sort of personal getaway. Some convert them into wood shops, places to work on the car, or just sit alone and think.

However, garages are typically the coldest place in the house due do its poor insulation. And that is why you need electric garage heaters for their ability to provide targeted heating so you lose unnecessary heat to the poor insulation.

How Electric Garage Heaters Work

Garage heaters typically function in two way.

One is forced-air that utilizes a transistor to heat up the surrounding air, creating a convection vacuum, and then a fan helps speed up the process for the heat to reach its target.

Another way of heating is radiant. Radiant electric garage heaters emit electromagnetic waves that are capable of heating up objects within its line of sight. This means the heating is very targeted and efficient since minimal heat is loss to the air. However, the downside is that since the air never gets heated up, the heating effect is gone immediately one turned off.


Although electric is among one of the safest methods of heating, accidents can still occur if you fail to take some minimal precautions.

Always try to purchase models that include built-in safety features such as auto shut-off function that can turn off the unit when too hot or for too long.

Another thing to pay attention to is the recommend clearances on the manufacturer’s manual so you can avoid heat damage to items close by.


If you spend time in your garage or have considered it but decided not to because of the cold, then electric garage heaters is the way to go. If you are considering of heating up the house, on the other hand, I would highly recommend hydronic baseboard heaters.

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