Analyze Why Your Computer Keeps Crashing

Help! My Computer Keeps Crashing

Computer Keeps CrashingComputer crashes rarely give the OS a chance to pop-up an exception message. As a result, it can be difficult to understand why your computer keeps crashing. Windows operating system utilities do however provide some insights which can help your analysis of the issue.

Even when exceptions are not shown on screen, they may still be getting tracked and updated in the Event Viewer log file [start/run/eventvwr]. When you crash PC systems the event log will still be tracking error messages and informational details on the run-up to the system shutting down. With a little investigative work of those log entries in the moments before the crash you can start to piece together what applications are causing a problem and therefore research these codes/error messages for possible workarounds.

A PC crash may also result from a variety of hardware faults on your system. The primary tool for checking this is the Device Manager. It details the current state of all connected peripherals and internal components. The major problems you might experience include conflicts between peripherals and corruption to your device drivers. Use the program’s own suggestions to try out different solutions.

One of the more in-depth checks you need to do with relation to hardware is to do a scan of your internal hard drive for signs of bad sectors. Windows error checking tool is capable of doing this quite effectively for software related sector damage [Windows Explorer/disk drive/properties/tools].

Lastly, the BIOS menu could also be used in many circumstances where the computer keeps crashing before the operating system starts up. The BIOS contains various information about which hardware components have been detected and whether there are connection problems with any of them. The BIOS differs from computer to computer but most contains diagnostic sections where you can check internal temperatures of your PC. Overheating internal components could crash PC computers or cause the BIOS to shut down your system automatically in order to protect the CPU and hard disk.

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