Wood Patio Cover

What’s Your Best Option?

Wood Patio CoverThe problem with selecting a patio covers for your home is that there are so many choices available. The two largest problems are selecting the appropriate style and material to match your specific needs and budget. There are literally dozens of major style groups and the same is true of materials. You can choose a plastic, metal or wood patio cover and still have a dozen choices to make.

If you choose a wood cover for instance, which wood will you be using. Pine is inexpensive but not as strong as any of the harder woods. This means it is more likely to be unable to support the weight of snow and ice, and the chances of insect infestation and wood rot is much higher with a soft wood like pine. You can buy harder woods, like oak or maple, but you will pay more money for the extra strength.

The bottom line is that you will buy the best patio cover you can afford. Wood patio covers give you the best price range to chose from however simply because there are so many different types of wood. The great thing about wood is that it also gives your home a much more natural look than metal, which is often etched and painted to make it appear as natural as wood. This is important especially when you are ready to sell your home. While consciously most buyers know that steel will last longer the subconscious is leaning toward the more natural look of wood.

Style is not really that much of an issue however. You will need a style that matches your home and you will have to decide whether you want an attached patio cover or an unattached free standing cover. You will also have to decide on a full roof or partial roof and some covers come with clear or tinted panels to allow light under the cover.

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