Xbox Live: Online Gaming Community

xboxXbox live is an online community for people who love to play games online. Xbox live is expanding exponentially and is  currently 25 million strong. Xbox live is dedicated to the online game experience. Its state of the art servers hosts million of online games all over the world. Microsoft prides itself on have the best gaming connection in the industry.  Regardless of the quality of your connection, Xbox live always delivers no lag games on its secured servers.

Xbox live is also a store front that allows you to purchase Microsoft points and Xbox live memberships straight from the dashboard. You can use the Microsoft points currency to download Arcade games, full size games on demand, indie games, gamer pics, gamer themes, high definition movies, high definition T.V. show, high definition music videos, and zune music.

If you have a Windows phone 7, you can access Xbox live’s features from your phone. You can play compatible Arcade games like Plants vs. Zombies, Hyro thunder, Sonic the Hedgehog 4 and much more. Any Xbox achievements, gamer scores, and avatar awards will be added to your main account. Windows Phone 7 even allows you to access the movies and music purchased on your Xbox 360 console.

Xbox live now offers many ways to watch movies on your Xbox. You can browse the lastest movies on demand and rent or buy them. Netflix is also available to gold members as long as they have Netflix membership. If your looking for short clips of shared media, Xbox offers unlimited access to Youtube videos and will able to create your own videos using the Xbox 360 kinect. Hulu Plus is another free option with hundreds of current movies and T.V. shows at your disposal.

Xbox live offer many ways to listen to your favorite music. You can download songs from Zune or rip an existing cd onto your hard drive. If you like Pandora, Xbox live offer an equivalent called Last Fm. Last FM allows yous to listen to your favorite genre of music randomly.

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