Yellowstone National Park Lodging

Yellowstone National Park

yellowstone national parkAmerica has some amazing places for outdoorsy people. The variety of animals and scenery is really world-class but sadly is often under-appreciated. One example that comes to mind is all of the available national parks. If you are like me you miss out on a lot of these things not just because you never think about it but because you also are so busy with all the other elements occupying your life. One of the great parks in America is Yellowstone.

Just the name kind of echoes when you think it. Part of the impact Yellowstone carries is due to the fact that it was the first area of land made into a national park. It was back in 1872 and crossing over 3 big states (Idaho, Wyoming, Montana) Yellowstone can safely be called “HUGE.” Visiting anywhere requires some planning, and Yellowstone will be no different. One of the first things a person should do is look for some Yellowstone National Park lodging because we all know that if you don’t sleep well, your trip won’t go well.

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That describes most of life really and that is why you should also get a good bed although that is a completely different subject. Finding the right Yellowstone National Park lodging will all depend on who you are and what you need to have a good time. The beauty of Yellowstone of course is it’s expanse, it’s variety, and it’s centuries of being untouched by man in many ways. Because of that I’m all for everyone walking there and sleeping on the ground or an impromptu fort, but since my mother would panic in that situation, I also support other Yellowstone National Park lodging options such as tents, and even hotels. (though not 5 star hotels, those are just ridiculous…)

The small schematics of what you are going to do every day and where you are going to sleep every night really can make a world of difference when it comes to trips like this. Get it right and you will be able to enjoy a trip that could be called epic, but do it wrong and someone will probably cry. Just the other week I saw a show that convinced me one more time why I’d like to visit Yellowstone and it is the wolverine. Not the one on X-Men, but the actual animal. If you are like me 6 months ago, you are probably a little surprised that you never thought that a wolverine was an actual animal before now, it’s ok.

The wolverine can be found in Yellowstone though seeing one isn’t something you can necessarily count on. Mostly a solitary animal they roam areas of up to 240 miles and will travel more than 40 miles in a day — but that isn’t what makes them awesome. Wolverines are notoriously aggressive and notoriously not that big. They generally look about the size of raccoons and don’t normally weigh more than 55 pounds. At this small size at least one has been documented killing a moose and a 27 pound one was once documented trying to steal food from a bear!

A BEAR. Of course in the bear instance the wolverine died but you have to give it credit for trying. So, in addition to the myriad of things available in Yellowstone wolverines are just another reason to go check the park out. Of course they are also a good reason to make sure to get good Yellowstone National Park lodging, because if a wolverine catches you in the open and is hungry your only chance is going to be posing as a bear.

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