You Should Not Take More Than One Protein Shake Per Day

One Protein Shake Per Day is Enough

protein shakeBodybuilders often have trouble deciding how much is enough, and how much is too much. This is true of how often they should drink a protein shake, the same way it is true about almost everything else.


That’s because the entire profession of bodybuilding is based on the idea of going over the top. No one needs as much muscle as Arnold Schwarzenegger, but all bodybuilders aspire to be as big as he was at his peak, if not bigger. When your whole lifestyle is based on a “bigger is better” philosophy, it’s hard to draw the line and stop taking protein shakes or any other bodybuilding supplements.


The problem with taking more than one protein shake in one day is that you can easily overload your body with the huge quantity of protein. Whey protein in particular is a very dense form of protein, and it is digested so easily that the body often does it in an unbalanced way, which leads to a problem with nitrogen in the body.


Even worse, too much protein in the bloodstream becomes more of a pollutant than a nutrient. The body starts to need to remove it or else you can be in real danger, so the kidneys begin their work of taking the whey protein out of your blood. Whey protein powder is designed to give you a lot of protein, but you’re probably already getting plenty.


So as soon as you start drinking a lot of protein shakes, you’re already getting too much extra. Even if you use a lot of protein in your bodybuilding endeavors because you know how much protein is used every time you recover from a strength training exercise, you should probably avoid taking more than one protein shake each day or else you might do more damage than good.

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