Your Ideal Camping Lanterns

Making Camping Safer and More Enjoyable

Camping-LanternsNowadays, we can choose the perfect camping lanterns as a wide variety of them are available, all differently powered. Choosing the right camping lantern is important and here are a few of the types available in markets:

Winded camping lanterns

Buying these, you can use them anywhere; given that you have a strong wrist and your camping trip will never be dark. After it is wounded for just sixty seconds, it can light up a room for thirty minutes.

Camping lanterns running on solar energy

Solar powered lights are rapidly becoming popular for lighting purposes, including camping lanterns. A benefit of solar power is that as long as you have sunlight, you will always have light and is also cheaper in the long run because the LED bulbs used are energy efficient which after just seven of charging can be powered for up to ten hours.

Propane camping lanterns

Still a popular choice for many eager campers, precautions need to be taken for safety and is best suited for area outside the tent. Most propane camping lanterns are simple to handle but not cheap in the long run because of the fuel cost as compared to other liquid fuel options.

Liquid fuel camping lanterns

These lanterns are universally fueled by Coleman lantern fluid found at most camping and sporting shops. Regular campers prefer this a lot because it is light weight and cheap to run. Duel fuel camping lanterns can also be found which are alternatively powered by unleaded gas and liquid fluid.

Camping lanterns on batteries

Battery run LED camping lanterns has been a popular choice for campers for many years, as they are safe to use both inside and outside the tent especially if you’re bringing children for camping. Camping lanterns that run on batteries these days have LED bulbs that glow brightly, save power and last longer as compared to their corresponding conventional filaments.

Costs of camping lanterns

The cost differs, based on which camping lantern you select. While solar powered camping lanterns are expensive, they are cost effective in the long run because they feed on a free energy-the sun and their LED bulbs tend to last longer than the traditional bulbs.

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